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Correlation of central corneal thickness and Goldmann applanation tonometry among Filipinos

Ma. Margarita L. Lat-Luna, MD, Paul I. Guerrero, MD, John Vincent Policarpio D. Flores, MD, MS Epi

To determine the distribution of central corneal thickness (CCT) among Filipinos and to correlate CCT with intraocular pressure (IOP).

A prospective cross-sectional study was performed among Filipino patients consulting at the General Ophthalmology Clinic of the Philippine General Hospital. They underwent a comprehensive eye examination. CCT obtained by ultrasonic pachymetry and IOP by Goldmann applanation tonometry were correlated using linear regression analysis. Factors affecting CCT measurements were analyzed by ANOVA.

Two hundred twenty two eyes of 112 patients were included in the study. CCT ranged from 451.0 µm to 653.6 µm with a mean of 531.5 µm ±33.8 µm. There was a significant linear correlation between CCT and IOP (r = 0.63). The IOP was noted to rise by 4.3 mm Hg/100 µm CCT.

The CCT among Filipinos is normally distributed and is comparable to the distribution obtained by metaanalysis of worldwide data. The study also found a direct correlation between CCT and IOP among Filipinos.

Keywords: Applanation tonometry, Central corneal thickness, Glaucoma, Intraocular pressure