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Ciliary Sulcus Diameter Measurements in Normal Adult Filipino Eyes Using Ultrasound Biomicroscopy

Barbara Joy Masna-Hidalgo, MD, Victor B. Lopez, MD, Maria Elizabeth T. Concepcion, MD, Santiago A. B. Sibayan MD, PhD

Objective: To measure the ciliary sulcus diameters (CSD) in phakic eyes of adult Filipinos using ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM).

Methods: This was an observational, cross-sectional study involving Filipino patients recruited from the Outpatient Department of Makati Medical Center, Philippines from September 2006 to December 2006. Vertical and horizontal CSDs in phakic eyes were measured using a UBM Scan 1000 (Ophthalmic Technologies Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Three repeated measurements of each meridian were taken and averaged. The average CSD for each eye was computed as the average of the horizontal and vertical CSDs. Student’s t-test was used to analyze data.

Results: Seventy-one (71) patients (142 eyes) were included in the study. Mean CSD measurements were as follows: horizontal CSD = 9.76 ± 0.42 mm; vertical CSD = 10.00 ± 0.48 mm; average CSD = 9.88 ± 0.47 mm. There was a significant difference between the means of the vertical and horizontal CSD measurements (P <0.01). There was no significant difference in the mean CSD measurements of the right and left eyes (P = 0.50).

Conclusion: In this cohort of adult Filipino patients, the UBM-measured vertical CSD is significantly greater than the horizontal CSD. Establishment of CSD measurements of adult Filipino eyes may be helpful in selecting appropriately-sized intraocular lenses for ciliary sulcus implantation.

Keywords: ciliary sulcus diameter, ultrasound biomicroscopy