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PJO at 50: Why Publish!                                                                                                                                    41
Patricia M. Khu, MD


Comparison of the Clinical Profile of Patients with Glaucoma Between Private
and Government Clinics in the Philippines                                                                                                     45
Edgar Felipe U. Leuenberger, MD, DPBO,James Paul S. Gomez, MD, DPBO,
Robert Edward T. Ang, MD, DPBO,Maria Imelda Yap-Veloso, MD, DPBO,
Joseph Anthony J. Tumbocon, MD, DPBO,Jose Ma. D. Martinez, MD, DPBO,
John Mark S. De Leon, MD, DPBO,Nilo Vincent FlorCruz, MD, DPBO,
Rainier Victor A. Covar, MD, DPBO,Irene R. Felarca, MD, DPBO,
Denise Polly Chao-Po, MD, DPBO, Shalam Siao-Mariano, MD, DPBO,
Marie Joan Therese D. Balgos, MD, DPBO,Noel D. Atienza, MD, DPBO

Long-Term Effect on Corneal Curvature of Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking for Keratoconus                 54
Jess L. Paningasan, Jr., MD and Ruben Lim Bon Siong, MD

Quality of Life After Ocular Trauma: A Prospective, Longitudinal, Questionnaire-Based
Study in a Tertiary Hospital in the Philippines                                                                                                59
Jose Carlo M. Artiaga, MD and Ruben Lim Bon Siong, MD

Survey on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Patterns of Ophthalmologists in the
Philippines on the Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye Disease                                                            68
Margarita I. Echavez, MD and Ruben Lim Bon Siong, MD

True Pseudotumors and “Pseudo” – Pseudotumors: A Case Series                                                           75
Maria Donna Damo Santiago, MD, MBA, and Andrei Paolo Angbue-Te, MD


The device that will be most useful to assess the angles in the next 10 years will be…                            86
     Anterior Segment OCT (ASOCT) Will Be Most Useful to Assess the
     Angles in the Next 10 Years – Edgar U. Leuenberger, MD, DPBO
     Gonioscopy Will Be Most Useful to Assess the Angles in the
     Next 10 Years – Ernesto C. Pangalangan, Jr., MD, DPBO
     Consolidating the Evidence – Manuel B. Agulto, MD

If laser iridotomy did not significantly open the angle, do I always resort to a laser iridoplasty?             88
     Do I do laser iridoplasty if laser iritodotomy fails? Yes, I Do. – Ma. Catherina Coronel-Nasol, MD, DPBO
     Do I do laser iridoplasty if laser iritodotomy fails? No, I Don’t. – Aldo Mar B. Cariaga, MD
     Consolidating the Evidence – Benjamin M. Abela, Jr., MD 

Do you give neuroprotective/alternative drugs to manage normal tension glaucoma?                             92
     Neuroprotective Drugs for NTG: A Yes Perspective – Nilo Vincent FlorCruz, MD
     Neuroprotective Drugs for NTG: A No Perspective – Maria Zita Meriales, MD
     Consolidating the Evidence – Alexander Reyes, MD

SUBJECT INDEX TO VOLUME 44                                                                  96

AUTHOR INDEX TO VOLUME 44                                                                    99

LIST OF REVIEWERS FOR 2019                                                                     99