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Copyright Transfer

Title of Article

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In submitting the above-titled article, I/we hereby transfer, assign, or otherwise convey all copyright ownership
to the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology in the event that such work is published in the PHILIPPINE JOURNAL
OF OPHTHALMOLOGY (PJO). Such conveyance covers any product, whether print or electronic, that may derive from
the published journal. I/We affirm that this article has not been previously published in or submitted for publication to another journal, except under circumstances communicated to PJO in writing at the time the article
was first submitted.

Each author must sign a Copyright Release form. The signatures need not appear on the same page. All manuscripts submitted
become the property of the journal.

Name (print) Proprietary Signature Date
or Financial
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*If yes, please explain on the title sheet. See instructions to authors for details.

Submit this signed transfer with your manuscript to:

The Editor in Chief
Philippine Journal of Ophthalmology
Unit 815 Medical Plaza Makati
Amorsolo Street, corner Dela Rosa Street
1229 Makati City, Metro Manila

Other Contact Details
Phone: +63-2-8135324
Fax: +63-2-8135331
E-mail: pjo@pao.org.ph