Vol. 43 No 1 Original Research PDF

A Review Article on Neuroretinitis

Franz Marie Cruz, MD, DPBO, Cheryl A. Arcinue, MD, DPBO

Neuroretinitis is an inflammatory optic neuropathy with a classic fundoscopic appearance of optic disc swelling and hard exudates on the macula in a star formation. It can be a manifestation of systemic, infectious or autoimmune disease. In nearly half of cases, the etiology is idiopathic. This review aims to summarize the clinical presentation, fundoscopic mimics, etiologies, investigation, and treatment of neuroretinitis. Cat-scratch disease, the most common cause of infectious neuroretinitis, and recurrent idiopathic neuroretinitis, which can cause ocular morbidity, are discussed in detail.

Keywords: neuroretinitis, cat-scratch disease, idiopathic neuroretinitis