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Translation and Validation of the Tagalog Trust in Ophthalmologist Scale

Daphne Viel Cruzat-Tsuru, MD, Jose Ma. D. Martinez, MD, MBA

Department of Health Eye Center, East Avenue Medical Center, Quezon City

Correspondence: Daphne Viel Cruzat-Tsuru, MD
Clinic Address: DOHEC, East Avenue Medical Center, Quezon City
Clinic Phone Number: (632) 89280611 local 757
Email Address: dvctsurumd@gmail.com

Disclaimer: The authors have no financial interests or conflicts of interest to disclose.


Objective: This study adapted and translated the Trust in Oncologist Scale (TiOS) into the Tagalog Trust in Ophthalmologist Scale (TTOS) and validated the latter.

Method:  The 18-item TiOS questionnaire was translated into Tagalog and validated in a cohort of 200 Filipino ophthalmology patients of a single institution. Internal consistency, construct validity, and test-retest reliabilities were determined. Exploratory factor analyses were also performed.

Results: The TTOS showed high internal consistency with Cronbach alpha of 0.92, high reliability with Pearson’s coefficient of 0.85, and high validity with Spearman’s coefficient of 0.67.

Conclusion: The TTOS is a valid and reliable tool to measure the level of trust of Filipino patients in their ophthalmologists.

Keywords: Trust scale, trust in ophthalmologist, patients’ trust, questionnaire validation, patient-physician relationship

Philipp J Ophthalmol 2023;48:16-23