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A prospective, randomized clinical trial comparing the effects of three viscoelastics on the corneal endothelium after cataract surgery

Harvey S. Uy, MD, Kristine E. Bacsal, MD, John D.G. Flores, MD, Robert Edward Ang, MD, Pik Sha Chan, MD

To compare the effects of Amvisc Plus (AP), Duovisc (DV), and Viscoat (VC)on the corneal endothelium of patients who have undergone uncomplicated phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

This is a prospective, randomized trial that involved 60 eyes of 48 patients with age-related cataracts. The eyes were randomly assigned to receive AP, DV, or VC during phacoemulsification. The main outcome measures were postoperative intraocular pressure (IOP), endothelial cell counts, and corneal thickness.

The mean postoperative IOP were 15.13 ± 2.99 mmHg in the AP group, 15.42 ± 2.35 mmHg in the DV group, and 14.86 ± 5.56 mmHg in the VC group. The average postoperative endothelial cell counts were 2531 ± 420 cells/mm2 in the AP group, 2330 ± 674 cells/mm2 in the DV group, and 2678 ± 471 cells/mm2 in the VC group. The mean postoperative corneal thickness measurements were 566 ± 49 µm for the AP group, 561 ± 21 µm for the DV group, and 552 ± 27 µm for the VC group. No significant differences in all parameters were noted among the three groups.

The results of this study suggest that AP, DV, and VC may be comparable in terms of their ability to protect the corneal endothelium during phacoemulsification.