Guest Editorial
Clinical Experiences on Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
By Jesus M. Tamesis, Jr., MD

Original Research
Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy in Southeast Asia A different pattern of disease
By James F. Cullen, MD, FRCS, FRCSEd

Original Research
Comparison of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Elderly Diabetic Patients with and without Peripheral Neuropathy
By Bonifacio Buño II, MD and Darby Santiago, MD

Original Research
Risk Factors for Conjunctival Tube Erosion in Eyes Implanted with Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve in a Private Eye Institution in the Philippines
By Jovell Ian M. Peregrino, MD, DPBO, Edgar U. Leuenberger, MD, DPBO, Ma. Imelda Y. Veloso, MD, DPBO

Original Research
Baseline Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness and Visual Outcomes of Eyes with Ethambutol Toxic Optic Neuropathy
By Franz Marie Cruz, MD, DPBO

Original Research
Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Reliability of a Filipino Dry Eye Screening Questionnaire
By Frances Marie DC. Roa-Lingad, MD and Ruben Lim Bon Siong, MD

Original Research
Translation and Validation of a Filipino Version of the Children’s Visual Function Questionnaire
By James Abraham B. Lee, MD, Andrea Kristina F. Monzon-Pajarillo, MD, Alvina Pauline D. Santiago, MD

Errata: 2018 PJO Manuscripts